25 Ott 2020

New ALTEX Meeting Report related to the annual CELLTOX workshop with the title “Innovative In Vitro Strategies for Food and Environmental Safety”

In the last decades, European Union has proudly gained the title of forerunner in enacting laws on food and environment safety. It is today widely known the important link between environment, food habits and disses. On the other hand, unfortunately the great majority of safety assessment are performed using in vivo techniques that in some cases make concerns on reliability and efficiency. New in-vitro technologies are demonstrating their value with fast, easy and reliable assays. The development of these techniques and the possibility of applying them to new areas of interest have been discussed at the meeting “Innovative In Vitro Strategies for Food and Environmental Safety” organized by CELLTOX Italian Association of in vitro Toxicology in May 2020 with an online webinar version of the traditional annual workshop. Diego Baderna (Mario Negri Institute), President of CELLTOX, and Susanna Alloisio (ETT Spa), Secretary of CELLTOX, chaired the workshop.
In this event, ATS team together to the group of University of Genoa showed the results obtained during @lgawarning project (EuroTrans-Bio 12th Transnational Call) with the presentation titled “In-vitro assessment on the effect of toxic microalgae on human health and environment” concerning one of the future challenges for coastal communities’ safety.

For more information and the complete report:
ALTEX Section: Meeting Reports
Vol: 37 No. 4 (2020)