13 Nov 2016

ATS presents at the 7th Biannual ECOtoxicology MEeting (BECOME 2016) a new in vitro experimental approach for the evaluation of marine alga toxicity

Monitoring and assessing the effects of an increasing number of chemical and biological stressors on aquatic species and ecosystems necessarily faces great challenges.
On this topic, ISPRA, with the collaboration and support of CNR, Universities, research consortia, Environmental Protection Agencies and private companies, presents the 7th edition of the Biannual ECOtoxicology Meeting (BECOME) that will be held in Livorno (Italy), 22-24 November 2016, and titled: Managing aquatic and terrestrial environments: an ecotoxicological perspective. Focus group, oral and poster presentations will provide updated knowledge on new approaches for assessment of ecotoxicological and ecological effects and promote the role of ecotoxicology in environmental management.

At the Meeting, ATS will present a new experimental approach based on rat neuronal network coupled to microelectrode arrays (MEA) for a fast toxicity evaluation of microalga cells and/or their naturally-released toxins mixture.
This method allowed to evaluate qualitatively and quantitatively the ability to inhibit neuronal spontaneous electrical activity both of laboratory cultured Ostreopsis cf. ovata cells, as well as algal species mixture present in marine samples.
The successful results lay the foundation for the development of a high-throughput, fast and reliable screening method of marine microalgae and expand knowledge in the field of environmental toxicology.