15 Set 2015

ATS presents at Linz 2015/EUSAAT 2015 Congress

New approaches to improve predictive human safety testing: ATS presents at Linz 2015 / EUSAAT 2015 Congress a novel human neuronal model derived from cancer cells.
Alternative animal-based in vitro approaches may speed up the process of drug and chemical neurotoxicity evaluation for regulatory purposes, while minimizing the animal usage. However, they have their own limitations due to the scarce predictive values in humans. ATS together to the team of Prof. Aldo Pagano (University of Genoa-Italy) presents at Linz 2015 / EUSAAT 2015 Congress (20th-23rd September 2015 - University of Linz, Austria) a cell clone engineered approaching the last stage of differentiation toward a functional human neuron. Electrophysiological recordings reveal the expression of a pool of ion channels resembling those of neural cells as well as MEA technology shows spontaneous spiking and, in some cases, bursting behavior.

The results are very promising and further experiments are in progress in order to validate the suitability of this model for a human relevant screening system.