Alternative Toxicity Services A.T.S

We provide a high content screening service for evidence based acute general toxicity and neurotoxicity. We exploit alternative test methods in respect of the international principles of the 3Rs - Replacement, Refinement and Reduction and our predictive technology can be used to test toxicity and assess safety of chemicals.

In vitro assay techniques:

  • Mid-throughput electrophysiological recording of in vitro neuronal cultures coupled to micro electrode array (MEA).
  • Single-cell electrophysiology (Patch Clamp technique).
  • Single-cell Calcium Imaging
  • Mid-throughput evaluation of compounds effect on neuronal networks
  • Cell-based assays and microscopy image-based analysis
  • Determination of Dose-Response or Dose-Inhibition profiles
  • Characterization of compound pharmacological profiles at single-cell level

Complementary tests on cell viability and cytotoxicity are performed by LDH cytotoxicity assay and Mitochondrial Apoptosis Assay.
We provide reliable and accurate data to fasten early stage drug development and minimeze the risk of unpredicted and undetected toxicity side effects.

Cell models

ETT offers a large range of models for evaluating general cell toxicity and neurotoxicity of test compounds, as
  • Rat or Mouse embryonic (E18) primary cortical neurons
  • Rat or Mouse neonatal primary cortical neurons
  • Human SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma cell line
  • Rat or Mouse Neonatal Cortical Astrocytes
  • Rat or Mouse Adult Cortical Astrocytes
  • Mouse BV2 Microglia cell line

All protocols are optimized to obtain and maintain cell cultures in good and stable condition, in order to guarantee accurate and reliable information about effects of chemicals.
We keep developing and adopting models more relevant for human safety.

Alternative Toxicity Service complementary platforms of assays for in vitro toxicity testing
Assay Format
MEA Electrophysiology
Patch-Clamp Electrophysiology
Ca2+- imaging
LDH Assay
LDH/ Mitochondrial Apoptosis Assays


Rat E18 Postnatal Neurons
Human SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma cell ine

Glia Toxicity

Rat Neonatal Cortical Astrocytes
Rat Adult Cortical Astrocytes
Mouse BV2 Microglia cell line


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